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The heart of the guide, and it’s most valuable part, are the more than a dozen new campaign ideas riffing off the core material. Some of these ideas are explored at length and in detail, others are a few sentences long, simple yet intriguing twists.


Give away the ending

Besides, when it comes to selling adventures on the DM’s Guild, your target customer isn’t the players. It’s the dungeon master.

Maps Galore!

Who wants to collaborate on a product full of maps? Illustrator Patrick E. Pullen asked that question late last summer in a Facebook group dedicated to DM’s Guild creators. He was keen to create Maps 4 Your Adventures Set 4. It was with a little bit of trepidation that I answered, “Yes.” I’ve been freelancing... Continue Reading →

Trailblazers preview

Nearly any creator will attest to the fact that the moment a product goes up for sale, there is a fair amount of personal pride in the accomplishment. That's my feeling now about Trailblazers of the North, which has gone up for sale at the DM's Guild. And, I'd like to share some of that... Continue Reading →

Jump aboard the sleigh

It’s really about establishing a character’s motivation, personal code, background,  personality, or present status that will effectively integrate them into an existing game. They can be walking-talking story hooks. But even more so, they are someone the PCs will develop a connection with, be it adversary or ally.

A New Cover for Defenders of the Dessarin Valley

The cover for “Princes” is an illustration by Raymond Swanland depicting the winged air prophet Aerisi Kalinoth leading the Howling Hatred in battle. It’s really stunning. If D&D players were supporting a fifth printing of this adventure, the least I could do was put some shine on my cover for Defenders — at least something that could draw a connection between the two.

Boiling down kitchen-sink settings

So, rather than reach into the kitchen sink and select the bit you want, I’m going to recommend you assign a storytelling element to the setting of your choice — and using that perspective as a lens — view the entirety of the campaign through it. And from that, present the setting to the players wholesale but set the main quest or story along the theme you identify.

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