Designing for oneself

It includes the treasure parcels I want on hand when running the adventure. It includes the d100 list of trinkets I think will provide additional flavor to the PCs and NPCs in the campaign.


Waterdeep: Read All About It!

But I told myself then, if ever D&D designed another urban focused hardback adventure, I would do something similar, but focus solely on newspaper handouts.

Love those Eberron baddies

My latest product for the DM’s Guild is Masterminds of Sharn. It’s a detailed look at one particular villain — Mindartis the half-elf archmage and his quest for immortality. Most of the product is devoted to three adventure scenarios. These are meant to challenge the PCs at various levels of advancement. The first is a Tier 1 adventure, “The Necklace of Death,” followed by the Tier 2 adventure “The Wheel of Pain,” and closing with the Tier 3 adventure “Lair of Mindartis.”

Murder on the Eberron Express

The Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron landed on the DM’s Guild this week, rocketing to Platinum status faster than an elemental-powered airship can fly adventurers from Sharn to Xendrik. This setting bible for 5E has Eberron’s creator, Keith Baker, as the lead author. Judging from the reception, Eberron is what many Dungeons and Dragons fans have... Continue Reading →

Not Yet Ready For Prime Time

How does the old joke about the novice swordsman go? Do you know how to use that thing? The pointy end goes in the other guy, right? The same could be said to me about a paint brush. I know the brushy end goes into the paint. But that doesn’t make me an illustrator. Illustrators... Continue Reading →

Sights, sounds, touch and … smells?

For my new adventure Lords of the Earth, which is mostly a dungeon exploration, I tried something different from boxed text for the room descriptions. Before I begin, however, my disclaimer on boxed text: Some Dungeon Masters rely on it so they can properly set the scene for their players. I identify with this sentiment. It’s... Continue Reading →

Lords of the Earth

In the adventure Lords of the Earth that I released today on the DM’s Guild, the player characters have not simply stumbled upon a mother lode of fanatics devoted to the Black Earth Cult.   In keeping with elemental-themed adventures of the past, the PCs arrive in the midst of a squabble between fanatics, their... Continue Reading →

Unexpected and welcome

Village of Leilon, my free preview of Lords of the Earth, a D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters that will release on Friday, July 13, was selected as Free Product of the Week by the DM's Guild newsletter. You can link to the current newsletter here, which I received Tuesday shortly before 5 p.m. central time.... Continue Reading →

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