All the leaves are gone …

I count myself fortunate that I get to contribute material for roleplaying games, but especially for Dungeons and Dragons. The late summer and autumn have seen the publication of a lot of material that I developed.


A compelling illustration inspires adventure

The creature occupies a similar thematic place in Dungeons and Dragons lore as the fishlike kuo-toa — humanoids captured from the shore that were taken into the depths and transformed by some unfathomable power into a piscine horror.  

The Madness of Mages

The supplement, as planned, would present five wizards and describe their cohorts and their lair within Undermountain. But as I developed each mage’s motivations and the type of madness they were afflicted with, the origins of Laeral and Halaster kept popping up again and again in my research.

Downtime Options

My third Waterdeep Dragon Heist-related product on the DM’s Guild is Downtime Businesses. The hardback adventure itself presents player characters with an option of running an old inn and tavern — Trollskull Manor. It’s a attractive option, should the PCs pool their coin and find a couple of investors to cover the balance of the... Continue Reading →

Designing for oneself

It includes the treasure parcels I want on hand when running the adventure. It includes the d100 list of trinkets I think will provide additional flavor to the PCs and NPCs in the campaign.

Love those Eberron baddies

My latest product for the DM’s Guild is Masterminds of Sharn. It’s a detailed look at one particular villain — Mindartis the half-elf archmage and his quest for immortality. Most of the product is devoted to three adventure scenarios. These are meant to challenge the PCs at various levels of advancement. The first is a Tier 1 adventure, “The Necklace of Death,” followed by the Tier 2 adventure “The Wheel of Pain,” and closing with the Tier 3 adventure “Lair of Mindartis.”

Murder on the Eberron Express

The Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron landed on the DM’s Guild this week, rocketing to Platinum status faster than an elemental-powered airship can fly adventurers from Sharn to Xendrik. This setting bible for 5E has Eberron’s creator, Keith Baker, as the lead author. Judging from the reception, Eberron is what many Dungeons and Dragons fans have... Continue Reading →

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