All the leaves are gone …

I count myself fortunate that I get to contribute material for roleplaying games, but especially for Dungeons and Dragons. The late summer and autumn have seen the publication of a lot of material that I developed.

And what better day to say thanks than today!

So, here’s a round up of what I’ve been up to:

DM’s Guild: A new strategy

Since September, this has been one of my most productive periods on the DM’s Guild. I’ve released five products, all tied into the Waterdeep Dragon Heist storyline.  

I took a different approach from last year, when the Chult-based Tomb of Annihilation was released. For that hardcover adventure, I produced a single 90-page supplement, Chult: Adversaries and Allies.  It sold well enough to earn a copper badge. But the high-price point and hefty size led me to believe it didn’t have legs. After the initial release, it has sold only sporadically.

For Waterdeep Dragon Heist I produced about the same amount of written material as the Chult book. But instead of tossing it all in one, I broke it up into a series of supplements, all under 30 pages.  I am more pleased with this approach.

In looking ahead to possible offerings on the DM’s Guild in 2019, I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the format. Certainly, I have more adventures planned than the two I did in 2018. I’m looking to place the adventures beyond the Sword Coast, however.

Gnome Stew

I took part in my first podcast, Gnomecast 47, which looked at gaming in the great outdoors. Angela Murray interviewed Taylor LaBresh and myself about our experiences.  It released on Aug. 23. I’m far more comfortable writing than I am talking into a microphone. For his part, Taylor really picked up the ball and ran with it. He’s got a lot of interesting experiences with microgames in the outdoor space.

On the writing side, I’ve had two posts this autumn. (For personal reasons, I skipped my October post). My September article was on two pages in the fifth edition Dungeon Master’s Guide that assists DMs in creating engaging and challenging villains for their games.  For November, I wrote about the roleplaying fun that can happen at the gaming table when, as a player character, you continually roll 1 on your d20 rolls.

Lastly, I chipped in a segment for Gnomecast 53, the things we gnomes are all thankful for. For my part, I limited myself to listing the names of people who’ve been great allies and sounding boards in the rpg space.  My delivery, even in a taped segment, might be awkward, but the meaning was heartfelt.

Kobold Press

The biggest surprise of the autumn was the announcement last week that a convention adventure I wrote in 2017, “Raiders of the Chamber of Tomorrows,” was being included in an anthology Midgard Sagas for Fifth Edition.  While I would be flattered if people bought Midgard Sagas for my contribution, I can speak from playing experience when I say that the gem of the collection is “Madman at the Bridge,” originally written by Wolfgang Baur and converted to Fifth Edition by Ben McFarland.  It alone is worth the $24.99 price.

An adventure I wrote, “Guardians of the Trifles” appeared in Warlock 7 “Fey Courts,” the Patreon-supported zine-styled magazine focused on the Midgard setting. It came out Sept. 12.

My contributions to the Dungeons of Midgard series continued on the blog site. Academiae Caustiz, a look at a Hogwarts-style boarding school, albeit one run in the vampire lands of Krakovar, released on Aug. 24. Venture into the giant realm of the Wasted West for Vault of the Vermilion Star, which came out on Sept. 28.  On tippy-toes, I danced lightly into the territory of the ghouls and dark elves with Excavation of the River Dragon on Nov. 14.



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